Michael Ridge “Trolling the Marshland” 3″CDr

QCS_177 Michael Ridge “Trolling the Marshland” 3″CDr (edition of 18)

Tense and heavy feedback-laden drone noise sludge skimmed off our local scum ridden marsh for your listening gratification!

Features folded four panel colour artwork, a folded insert printed in black and green ink onto peach coloured paper and a rubber stamped/stickered 3″CDr.

£5.40 (UK)
£7.40 (Europe)​
£8.30 (Worldwide)​

PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk​

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Zebra Mu “Voice and Objects” C9 & 3″CDr

This sold out on the day of release but I’m pleased to say it is still available to stream/download on Bandcamp!

An experiment utilising minimal/modest gear to its full creative potential, for Voice and Objects I restricted myself to a single upcycled telephone microphone hooked up to a semi-functional portable cassette recorder. The sound sources (as the title suggests) being only my voice and a small array of objects which include a crushed drinks can, springs, gravel, vibrator, pinecone and cymbal. These experiments were stitched together into three ultra-lo-fi noisy sound collages! Haphazard Dada nonsense at its best!!

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Culver “House Of Seven Belles” 3″CDr

QCS_175 Culver “House Of Seven Belles” 3″CDr (edition of 34)

Culver makes a welcome return to QCS with three exquisite heavy ambient drone works inspired by Andy Milligan’s unfinished House of Seven Belles.

Features folded four panel colour artwork and rubber stamped 3″CDr


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Zebra Mu “Three Inch Innards” 3″ upcycled lathe cut record & 3″CDr

QCS_169 Zebra Mu “Three Inch Innards” 3″ upcycled lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM & 3″CDr (edition of 9)

Kicking off 2023 with some no-input sourced from array of modified/semi-functional/shit electronics and gear spread across a lathe cut record and 3″CDr!

A unique and experimental upcycled lathe cut record sourced from 3″ blank dummy discs used in 3″ CD/DVD cake boxes, expect lots of surface noise and sound quality comparable to a picnic plate lathe cut or old 78! Folded front cover is either printed in black and red onto green card or black and blue onto purple card. Each lathe cut is packaged in a rubber-stamped white paper sleeve with art work mounted onto the front, every rubber-stamped CDr is packaged in a PVC sleeve with folded art work.

Sadly this has already sold out, however both tracks are available to stream/download via Bandcamp!

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Norfolk Trotter “Brick by Brick” Two Second CS

QCS_171 Norfolk Trotter “Brick by Brick” Recycled Two Second CS (edition of 10)

Raw HNW sourced from an amplified brick and recorded onto a two second tape (one second each side), building HNW one brick at a time…

Minimal black and white art work is printed onto yellow paper, each cassette is labelled and printed in black and either in magenta/blue/yellow ink.


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Michael Ridge “More Microcassette Sessions” CDr

Promo Photo

QCS_174 Michael Ridge “More Microcassette Sessions” CDr (edition of 28)

Second collection of lo-fi microcassette works blending found/weird answering machine messages and field recordings with my own jams captured on a Sanyo TRC-530M Talk-Book! An assorted release covering spoken word, noise, vocal/trumpet improvisations, drone and extended microcassette looping.

Black and white folded cover and insert is printed onto yellow paper, each CDr is rubber-stamped and stickered.

£4.90 (UK)
£7.20 (Europe)​
£7.90 (Worldwide)​

PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk​

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Michael Ridge “Perforated Landscape 2” USB flash drive

QCS_173 Michael Ridge “Perforated Landscape 2” USB flash drive (edition of 12) 

Another slice of lo-fi ambient/drone initially captured on a portable cassette recorder and microcassette recorder in late 2021 and early 2022. Like the previous instalment, the original source material was reworked/edited into a single 22-minute composition.

Each labelled USB stick is packaged in a labelled 50 x 50 x 22mm black jewellery box. Every copy includes folded black & white artwork/info printed onto light purple paper.


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Zebra Mu “Rough Parts 2″ 3.5” Floppy Disk

QCS_172 Zebra Mu “Rough Parts 2” 3.5″ floppy disk (edition of 14)

A rough and ready lo-fi noise affair sourced from a chewed up tape loop played on a circuit bent cassette player squeezed through an assortment of semi-functional FX pedals!

Cover art is printed in black and blue onto light purple paper and mounted onto a rubber-stamped A5 manilla envelope. Included is a folded A4 insert printed in black and magenta ink onto yellow paper, every copy comes with either a labelled green, orange, yellow, blue, red or black floppy disk.


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Michael Ridge “Perforated Landscape” 3″CDr

QCS_168 Michael Ridge “Perforated Landscape” 3″CDr (edition of 20) 

Two blissed out lo-fi ambient/drone works originally captured on a portable cassette recorder in early 2021 and then reworked/edited this year.

Folded black & white artwork is printed onto light purple paper and packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag. Each CDr is rubber-stamped and stickered.


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Michael Ridge “How Long Has It Been?” CDr

QCS_167 Michael Ridge “How Long Has It Been?” CDr (edition of 34)

Twelve tracks composed from heavily water damaged and stretched reel-to-reel loops. The original material on the loops barely manages to play through the layers of hiss and natural degradation, creating a sentimental and almost melancholy work. The reel-to-reel tape was discovered in a box with an assortment of photos, old envelopes, and leaflets (used for the cover art) being thrown away in our local area.

Colour artwork is mounted onto a pale lilac CD sleeve, each copy includes an additional colour insert and rubber-stamped CDr.


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