Zebra Mu “Aquarius Traits” Box Set

QCS_117 Zebra Mu “Aquarius Traits” Box Set: C15, s/sided Microcassette MC60, Tape Loop and Reel-to-Reel Loop (edition of 8)

Noise and magnetic tape spectacular elegantly presented in a wooden box! The C15 documents two new contrasting recordings, side a: frenzied Harsh Noise, side b: delves into tape loop manipulation and microphone weirdness. Various live recordings are captured on the microcassette, a mix of playing anti-records, junk metal, shit drone etc. The tape loop documents two (very short) recordings from an amplified craft knife blade, the reel-to-reel loop is a wedge of lo-fi mono Harsh Noise fun!

All components are presented in a hand-painted metallic blush gold wooden box, art work and information is fixed to the top and underside of the lid. Stickered cassette is wrapped in a blue or yellow paper insert with art work printed in magenta ink. Stickered microcassette is packaged in a clear case with a recycled paper cover. Two second tape loop is displayed inside a plastic craft knife blade holder. Twelve second reel-to-reel loop is protected inside a clear cassette case wrapped in a page from the 1973 edition of the Hi Fi Year Book. Two colour A5 paper inserts are also included.



Zebra Mu “Vox X CS” 3.5″ Floppy Disk

QCS_116 Zebra Mu “Vox X CS” 3.5″ Floppy Disk (edition of 10)

Stripped back experimental Noise jam sourced from just my voice and microcassette recorder: minimal equipment and low fidelity at it’s finest!

Artwork is printed in either cyan or red ink onto orange, purple, blue or pink sugar paper. Black floppy disks feature a rubber-stamped and printed label.


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Le Scrambled Debutante Picnic Plate Lathe Cut Record

QCS_107 Le Scrambled Debutante “Satan Eggs (Evil Ovum Mix)” 6″ s/sided picnic plate lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM + DVDr included with seven random copies (edition of 20)

Trippy Dada inspired sonic bizarreness/abstract head fuckery from multi-media artist and musician Allan Zane!

B&W artwork is printed onto light grey marbled paper. Cut onto blue plastic picnic plates, the edges of which have been cut with pinking shears. A delightful egg inspired colour centre label finishes off the look!

***Please note*** This is an experimental and very lo-fi record – if you would like the digital version of the track please let me know when you order/contact me.


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Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #4” Recycled s/sided CS

QCS_115 Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #4” recycled s/sided CS (edition of 15)
The fourth installment in the Misc Loops series: 25 minutes of hazy lo-fi ambient music loops interspersed with cryptic spoken word loops. Your true love will evaporate.

Recycled black audiobook cassettes feature a colour label mounted onto one side of the shell. Colour artwork is printed onto folded white card and packaged in a clear zip lock bag, an additional paper insert is also included.


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Michael Ridge “Heatwave” Recycled Loop Cassette

QCS_113 Michael Ridge “Heatwave” recycled seven second tape loop (edition of 10)
A handmade seven second tape loop inspired by the recent heatwave in the UK. Side A is a rough field recording capturing dry grass and vegetation gently rustling in the hot wind stifling wind, side B is a lo-fi drone composition recorded during a level three warning. Each loop is dubbed onto used audio book tape and installed inside a recycled shell. I’ve allowed tiny fragments of the original recordings to seep into mine, consequently each copy will sound slightly different.

Stark B&W art work is printed onto speckled off-white paper, recycled audio book tapes each have a colour label mounted onto the shell.
*Please note: I’ve tested each loop out on several different cassette players and these work fine, however I can’t guarantee they will work on all!*


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Vampyres “Moonphase” C46

QCS_108 Vampyres “Moonphase” C46 (edition of 35)
Ominous and atmospheric noise/drone mixed with subtle analogue electronics from Lee Stokoe and Martyn Reid. Creeps you out, but in a good way.

Art work is printed in fetching blue ink onto red paper, dark blue cases with black cassettes featuring stark B&W labels.


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Le Scrambled Debutante Picnic Plate Lathe Cut Record Pre-Order

Pre-orders are now being taken for: Le Scrambled Debutante “Satan Eggs (Evil Ovum Mix)” s/sided picnic plate lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM (edition of 20)

“Imagine Ono & Lennon’s ‘Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins’, Nurse With Wound, Severed Heads, Virgin Prunes, and other assorted bands and genres, tossed into a blender on high speed, and the lid left off. That’s Le Scrambled Debutante. Pure Sonic Dada and Aural Buffoonery!!!”

For “Satan Eggs (Evil Ovum Mix)” expect blue picnic plates with a colour label mounted onto each one; B&W art work will be printed onto card + other random goodies included…

Please note: this is a handmade and highly experimental lathe cut record. I’m more than happy to email you the original track when I dispatch your copy upon release.

It should be ready in approximately 10-12 weeks: on the day of release I will dispatch your copy.

*Pre-orders are now closed!*

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2Minute Minor ‘Soda Tax’ 2″ Lathe Cut Single Support

Over the past few months I’ve been in contact with Zach Bridier who is the drummer for Chicago Hardcore Punk Project 2Minute Minor. Zach initially contacted me for advice on releasing a 2” lathe cut record; a format the band had never worked with before.

I’m pleased to announce Soda Tax is out now in an edition of 50 copies and can be purchased directly from the band!!! (it’s only $3.00!!) >>>>>>


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Michael Ridge ‘Misc Loops #3’ Recycled s/sided CS

QCS_114 Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #3” recycled s/sided CS (edition of 15)

A 20 minute composition of meditative tape loop exploration; weaving together lo-fi ambient music, background noise and subtle bird song recordings.

Recycled black audio book cassette features a colour label mounted onto the shell. Colour artwork is printed onto white paper and packaged in either clear or grey tape shells.


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Zebra Mu “Warm Up / Trash” 3″CDr Out NOW!

QCS_111 Zebra Mu “Warm Up / Trash” 3″CDr (edition of 11)

Two live semi-improvised recordings captured in February of stripped back experimental noise, sourced primarily from mic’d up broken gramophone records and my voice.

A rubber stamped 3”CDr is packaged in a slim line DVD case. Each copy features cyan and black artwork printed onto peach coloured paper, an additional insert is printed in red onto yellow paper.


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