Zebra Mu “Rough Parts 2″ 3.5” Floppy Disk

QCS_172 Zebra Mu “Rough Parts 2” 3.5″ floppy disk (edition of 14)

A rough and ready lo-fi noise affair sourced from a chewed up tape loop played on a circuit bent cassette player squeezed through an assortment of semi-functional FX pedals!

Cover art is printed in black and blue onto light purple paper and mounted onto a rubber-stamped A5 manilla envelope. Included is a folded A4 insert printed in black and magenta ink onto yellow paper, every copy comes with either a labelled green, orange, yellow, blue, red or black floppy disk.


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Michael Ridge “Perforated Landscape” 3″CDr

QCS_168 Michael Ridge “Perforated Landscape” 3″CDr (edition of 20) 

Two blissed out lo-fi ambient/drone works originally captured on a portable cassette recorder in early 2021 and then reworked/edited this year.

Folded black & white artwork is printed onto light purple paper and packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag. Each CDr is rubber-stamped and stickered.


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Michael Ridge “How Long Has It Been?” CDr

QCS_167 Michael Ridge “How Long Has It Been?” CDr (edition of 34)

Twelve tracks composed from heavily water damaged and stretched reel-to-reel loops. The original material on the loops barely manages to play through the layers of hiss and natural degradation, creating a sentimental and almost melancholy work. The reel-to-reel tape was discovered in a box with an assortment of photos, old envelopes, and leaflets (used for the cover art) being thrown away in our local area.

Colour artwork is mounted onto a pale lilac CD sleeve, each copy includes an additional colour insert and rubber-stamped CDr.

£7.90 (Europe)​
£8.20 (Worldwide)​

PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk​

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Zebra Mu “Recycled Tactile Danger” b/card CDr

QCS_166 Zebra Mu ‘Recycled Tactile Danger’ b/card CDr (edition of 20)

Two short tracks of fluctuating and dynamic noise fashioned from the mangled remnants of a mic’d up acoustic guitar (wrecked during my last gig) and satisfyingly minimal pedal set-up. Recorded on a semi-functional Tascam 4-track Portstudio for added vivacity…

Each copy features a lovingly handmade stickered CDr, insert printed in blue and black ink and folded cover printed in green and black ink.


PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk​

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Sindre Bjerga & Tanto “Sonic Taxidermy” x2 CDr

QCS_165 Sindre Bjerga & Tanto “Sonic Taxidermy” x2 CDr (edition of 48)

The third collaborative release from Sindre Bjerga & Tanto is a monster 2.5 hour release, stacked, collaged and glued audio debris – voices, electroacoustic madness, grains of samples, shortwave and pure electronic zones – sounds that come from nowhere and go nowhere.

“Sonic Taxidermy” is a release that deals with the absurdity of old reincarnation techniques, using sound as a means of soul preservation, travelling spirits of (not so) ancient animals harassing the monotonous life of the modern person by asking the wrong questions. Getting absorbed by the sonic splatter will probably lead to a metempsychosis, a harmless and joyful experience.

Both rubber-stamped and stickered CDr’s are packaged in a hairy manilla recycled double CD card sleeve. Each copy features colour art work mounted onto the front and back of the sleeve with rubber-stamped titles and information on the spine and inner sleeve. An additional colour information sheet is also included.


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“Expose Your Eyes / Zebra Mu” b/card CDr

Promo Photo - Copy

QCS_164 Expose Your Eyes / Zebra Mu “Expose Your Eyes / Zebra Mu” b/card CDr (edition of 20)

Split between myself and longstanding West Yorkshire electronic noise project Expose Your Eyes! Minimal pulsating no input type noise with heavy and brooding electronics. 

Each copy includes an A4 (printed in colour) and A5 (printed in black, red and blue) folded paper insert and rubber-stamped CDr. Everything is neatly packaged in a zip-lock bag. 


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Zebra Mu “Regimented Curse” 3.5″ floppy disk

QCS_163 Zebra Mu “Regimented Curse” 3.5″ floppy disk (edition of 11)

Rough improvised junk noise blended with shifting heavy drone and vocals (lyrics included on the disk), recorded in one take and subjected to the usual file compression to fit onto a modest 3.5″ floppy!

B&W artwork is printed onto either pink, purple or orange sugar paper, with a colour label mounted onto either a neon green, yellow, blue, red, green or white floppy disk. 


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Michael Ridge “Hiss and Relax” b/card CDr

Promo Photo

QCS_162 Michael Ridge “Hiss and Relax” b/card CDr (edition of 18)

Another helping of woozy lo-fi ambient tape loop craft blending hydrophone field recordings with minimal keyboard and singing bowl work. Composed utilising a 30 and 60 second tape loop, homemade spring reverb unit, Tascam 4-Track, and Sony TCM200DV cassette recorder.

B&W artwork is printed onto folded pink paper, each copy features a rubber-stamped and stickered CDr.


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Screen Printed Zebra Mu T-shirt

QCS_001T Zebra Mu Screen Printed T-Shirt (edition of 20)

The design (W=24.5cm by L = 30.5cm) is based on the Mangled & Smashed collage cassette cover and beautifully screen printed onto black short sleeve heavy cotton Gildan t-shirts!

Professionally produced by local Norwich-based eco-friendly screen-printing studio Vino Sangre. These can be purchased directly through my Bandcamp merch page, at the time of writing I only have a few left!:


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Michael Ridge “Anxious Loop Fantasy” CDr

Promo Pic

QCS_161 Michael Ridge “Anxious Loop Fantasy” CDr (edition of 20)
Disconcerting lo-fi ambient murk crafted using a blend of found sounds, field recordings, drone and keyboard work. Composed utilising a one & two-minute tape loop, Tascam 4-Track, and Sony TCM200DV cassette recorder.

Folded artwork is either printed in black and red ink onto light grey card or black and blue ink onto light green card (let me know if you have a preference when ordering), each CDr is also rubber-stamped.


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