News #3

The Haters / blackhumour Split C30 is out now! I’ve had an overwhelming response to this release….only 10 copies left….thanks everyone!
In other news the Vomir 7″ lathe cut is unfortunately in limbo. Since paying Polycut to get them cut I’ve has no response to the numerous emails I’ve sent him (it was meant to be ready 4 months ago!) Any news of it will be promptly posted, I strongly recommend artists and labels NOT to deal with Polycut:


6 thoughts on “News #3

  1. James Trash says:

    any copies of the haters/blackhumour tape left??I’d like to purchase one.E mail me if there is..
    Overdose the Katatonic

  2. Kaye Abad says:

    This must have been a huge hit! You had released it recently but then with only 10 copies left? Congratulations!

    • Quagga Curious Sounds says:

      Thank you!! I had an amazing response to this release and can’t believe it’s sold out already, even the GX floppy is now nearly gone!

  3. Just stumbled upon your post during a Google search for Poly-Cut. I also had a bad experience with this guy…just vanished with about $150 of mine and 8 months later I have no records and his email inbox appears to be “full”. Definitely do not give him money up front!

    • Quagga Curious Sounds says:

      Unfortunately I gave hime the money up front and £130 is probably gone forever! I wish I knew about this sooner. Really gutted as this would have been my first lathe cut release as well, I’ve heard from other people he has gone in for surgery and hence the lack of communication??!

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