Monthly Archives: December 2012

News #22

This is just a quick post to say thank you to all the artists, labels, photographers, customers and traders for your continued support this year! It’s been great one for QCS and you’ve got some exciting releases to look forward to in January/February 2013:

QCS_053-Zebra Mu: River Dread 3″CDr, edition of 10
QCS_054-Zebra Mu / Tim James: ‘Collaboration’ C30, edition of 15
QCS_055-Richard Ramirez: Wrangler C20, edition of 30

QCS_056-K2: 311-365+1 CDr, edition of 80
QCS_057-Zebra Mu: The Lord’s Tower, 3″CDr, C5 & 3.5″ floppy disk, edition of 20
QCS_058-Sindre Bjerga: Beyond the Thirteenth Chord 3″CDr, edition of 30

+++ much more on the horizon!

Michael X