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News #23

Tristan Burfield: Next Generation Sounds 3″CDr is out now! Thorsten Marc Soltau has taken another marvelous set of photographs and provided a brief review as well:

“Yes, 20 copies for the world only. You have to get it in hands, a strange amalgam of errorneous artwork lifted from the first corroded graphic computer unit immediately reminding of early Atarisms frozen on big unhandy display units. The inlay just webs the concept further- the tracklist embedded in a screenshot of a musical tracker program.
How does it sound like? Tristan keeps things small and outfleshed in minimal time. You hear synthetic pieces of music, made with a small range of instrumental units, choir-like sheets reminding of airline answering machine sounds and a slightly paranoiac cococabana feeling overall. Yes, this is music for people loving Max Headroom and saturday late night television jingles on an abandoned tv channel.
Keep sure you get a banana daiquiri with this tasty 9 minute work.”

£3.90 (UK)
£4.90 (Europe)
£5.90 (Worldwide)
Paypal: mike-ridge[AT]
More information on this release can be found on the AVAILABLE AND UPCOMING page.