News #27

Thorsten Marc Soltau has provided another set of fabulous photographs and brief review of the Richard Ramirez ‘Wrangler’ C20:

“Richard Ramirez gets the Quagga treatment and a nice one as well. I am not sure of RR is taking it seriously but I had a laugh looking at the tracktitle and the used colours a bit. Yes, everything smells from sex, gay sex and that’s simply the statement added to this release. The picture reminds of a well known 80’s porn star being blessed with a larger-than-normal organ while the back shows a more intimate get-together of two men. The idea to wrap the tape in a tight fitting bondage tape sadly leads to the option to listen or collect since the removal of the tape cannot be made without a sharp scissor. The music is a abyss of disfunctioning noise, rejected particles of dirt and smear, chopped into handy pieces of bright noisy wall-like maelstroms.
Ramirez takes the 10 minute route for each piece and you get what you need- have a look onto RR’s long career and you can tell in less words than me what you have to expect.

A really strong release and nicely executed- the artwork cares for an aesthetic than shock value alone and this makes the work of RR and QCS much more appreciated.

Thank you Michael for this wonderful chance again!”
EDIT: Sold Out!

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