News #29

Thorsten Marc Soltau has provided a set of delectable photographs and great review of the Sindre Bjerga ‘Beyond the Thirteenth Chord’ 3″CDr & 3.5″ Floppy Disk!:

“Michael Ridge from QCS released another gem of noise’n’delica, this time by Sindre Bjerga. Based in a live recording, this is an excursion into light metal percussion and fuzzed out guitar static. There is a haunted feeling on the chordline Bjerga webbs and folds several times, but the middle part with it’s warped and scrambled vocals makes up a rather uncanny affair of noise. The tension curve is strong and even without the full concert you get a good insight into a free composition. There is a slight hint of 80ties tricks and treats (Homotopy To Marie anyone?) on the acoustic range and Bjerga takes it to full effect with a nicely slow build-up to keep the piece in flow.
There is a 2 minute remix made by Michael’s Zebra Mu moniker on the floppy which has a sort of best-of feeling- he shortens the gig to a degree of edits and tape juxtapositions with some sparse dub effects on top. A great addition with a serious nerd factor (mini-CDR and floppy!) and the usual lovely addition of QCS design on thick cardboard.

This is an extremely well executed release, limited to 30 copies only. Be quick better, as this is some fine material of decent noise I heard in a long time. Zebra Mu’s appearance with his first remix ever will be later this year continued, albeit in different form: he releases another floppy with a track called Muscle Junk- 10 copies for the world…

With a lot of thanks to Michael for his endless stream of golden hits in front of our camera lens!”

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