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News #32

Firstly I’m pleased to announce Where is This returns to QCS with another cracking release ‘Music You Speak Of’ – released on 3″CDr it’s available to buy/trade now!. Check out the Available and Upcoming Page for more information. EDIT: SOLD OUT!

Some of you may have noticed a Zebra Mu s/sided 5″ clear lathe cut was released, only 6 were made and were instantly snapped up! I’m pleased to say I do have plans to release more lathe cut records in the future….

Capstan Twitch
A Zebra Mu C10 was released today called ‘Capstan Twitch’ – comprising of two new experimental noise/weird recordings this was made exclusively for the UK Cassette Swap and is NOT available to buy!

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Approximately 5 Years of QCS!!

Thanks everyone!! 🙂

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