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News #36

Roger Batty of Musique Machine has given the recent Martyr of Sores C90 a very positive review (this release is now unfortunately sold out!):

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News #35

As you can see Thorsten Marc Soltau has created a set of wonderful photographs and provided a written review of the AMK tape release ‘Watertower’

“Michael Ridge from the great Quagga Curious Sound label sent me the latest November package for full joy in cold days. AMK, the f/wizzard behind flexi-turntablism released a new tape, one-sided studio, the other recorded live.

In case you never heard enough bells, go for the A and listen to the noisy ambiente bells and tower clocks are producing. Sourced from records and flexis, the mix is a superb, but simple production, creating an unholy drone with the low pitched, jarring tones of metal resonances and whispering cascades of midnight signals. The b-side, recorded live with Damion Romero & Eldon M has a more spontaneous, raw gritty feel, voices whirling in and out, a mixtape tour de force with record hangers and the tics of worn out stereo jacks. AMK shows his turntablism skills here in full effect, thrown into a box of weird effects and firework like eruptions.

Many thanks to Michael for this lovely package. Included is even a flexi from AMK with each copy”.

Thanks Thorsten!

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