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Zebra Mu 3″ Lathe Cut Record Out Now!

25 25 web 2

QCS_084-Zebra Mu, 25 25, 3″ lathe cut 45RPM, edition of 12
25 25 features 50 one second extracts from 50 of my favourite Zebra Mu releases – this includes solo, split, collaboration and compilation appearances dating from 2008-2013. An absurd but brilliant short blast of noise on a minuscule 3 inch lathe cut record!!
Each black lathe cut record is packaged in a red drawstring velvet bag with colour fold-out artwork. Information is mounted onto either a small vintage photograph (obscuring the subjects) or old postcard (obscuring the postal address).


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Smegma Lathe Cut Record Pre-orders

I’m very excited to announce pre-orders are now being accepted for the upcoming Smegma ‘Archaic Ritual #3’ single sided mono 7” clear square lathe cut record! Fans of the group are really in for a treat: ‘Archaic Ritual #3’ was recorded live at Smegma’s studio in 2014 using six record players and combination of Smegma lathe cuts/records from the 1970’s. Just over six minutes of wonderful and weird loose experimental noise! Included with the lathe will be lovingly handmade black and white art work / inserts.

Only 30 copies will be cut so if you want one I’d recommend pre-ordering as soon as you can. Estimated time of release upon writing this post is about 16 weeks and when the lathes are complete I simply dispatch them to you.

Prices which include postage prices are:


If you have any questions please do get in touch at the same email address.

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