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Smegma ‘Archaic Ritual #3’ 7″ Lathe Cut Record Out NOW!

Smegma Photo
I’m thrilled to present the latest QCS offering: a lathe cut record from the long established and legendary American experimental Noise group Smegma!! ‘Archaic Ritual #3’ was recorded live at Smegma’s studio in 2014 using six record players and combination of Smegma lathe cuts/records from the 1970’s. Expect just over six minutes of bustling and weird experimental noise!

Available copies a dwindling fast so grab one before they go…..


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Photographs and Reviews by Thorsten Soltau

It’s been a while but Thorsten has once again created a fantastic set of photographs depicting the ‘Tholins’ tape by Rob Michalchuk and my own Zebra Mu tape ‘Sun Bleached Haze’.

Here’s a great review of both tapes by him as well:

Tholins by Rob Michalchuk is a rather unusual affair on QCS. Developing in three tracks
(in mono mode even), Opener Amassed Heart Shaped Hydrocarbons starts with looped
jazz fragments and underlying sheets of delayed voices and narrative noise structures,
soaked in frequency blizzards and lofi-esque equalizing mixtures. Animated GIF strikes
with thinned out harmonic chords played in a jarring manner, pitched into higher realms
to reveal a crying sound Jandek would be proud of. After half of the tracklenght, jazz
elements blend in with the sound of an scratching box sound, like an animal being trapped
inside the walls of a wooden prison, rattling and gnawing on the uncomfortable trap.
The last track is a roaring trumpet piece, looped and sequenced in a evolving way, a bit
resembling the AMK path of shifting through the variety of sounds and building a slow
almaganation of tones and clusters. A highly unusual release on QCS- with a near absence
of noise but full-on work on electroacoustic music.

“Zebra Mu’s Sun Bleached Haze draws on field recordings and peoples voices, clattered
and cutted up in various creative manners. It’s like listening to a movie with the visual side
ripped away, leaving the bare audio track, rearranged in a careful, nearly poetic way. There
are nature sounds and gulls screaming above the sky, there is a woman talking, children
playing in the back and the rhythmic sound of a car window cleaner. A more listener piece
related music, and coming with great collages printed on coloured paper”.

Unfortunately both tapes are now sold out!!

Thorsten also documented the Ridge & Scrase acetate zine Perspicuus / Filum too, check it out on our site:

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