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Zebra Mu “Vox X CS” 3.5″ Floppy Disk

QCS_116 Zebra Mu “Vox X CS” 3.5″ Floppy Disk (edition of 10)

Stripped back experimental Noise jam sourced from just my voice and microcassette recorder: minimal equipment and low fidelity at it’s finest!

Artwork is printed in either cyan or red ink onto orange, purple, blue or pink sugar paper. Black floppy disks feature a rubber-stamped and printed label.


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Le Scrambled Debutante Picnic Plate Lathe Cut Record

QCS_107 Le Scrambled Debutante “Satan Eggs (Evil Ovum Mix)” 6″ s/sided picnic plate lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM + DVDr included with seven random copies (edition of 20)

Trippy Dada inspired sonic bizarreness/abstract head fuckery from multi-media artist and musician Allan Zane!

B&W artwork is printed onto light grey marbled paper. Cut onto blue plastic picnic plates, the edges of which have been cut with pinking shears. A delightful egg inspired colour centre label finishes off the look!

***Please note*** This is an experimental and very lo-fi record – if you would like the digital version of the track please let me know when you order/contact me.


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