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Zebra Mu “Aquarius Traits” Box Set

QCS_117 Zebra Mu “Aquarius Traits” Box Set: C15, s/sided Microcassette MC60, Tape Loop and Reel-to-Reel Loop (edition of 8)

Noise and magnetic tape spectacular elegantly presented in a wooden box! The C15 documents two new contrasting recordings, side a: frenzied Harsh Noise, side b: delves into tape loop manipulation and microphone weirdness. Various live recordings are captured on the microcassette, a mix of playing anti-records, junk metal, shit drone etc. The tape loop documents two (very short) recordings from an amplified craft knife blade, the reel-to-reel loop is a wedge of lo-fi mono Harsh Noise fun!

All components are presented in a hand-painted metallic blush gold wooden box, art work and information is fixed to the top and underside of the lid. Stickered cassette is wrapped in a blue or yellow paper insert with art work printed in magenta ink. Stickered microcassette is packaged in a clear case with a recycled paper cover. Two second tape loop is displayed inside a plastic craft knife blade holder. Twelve second reel-to-reel loop is protected inside a clear cassette case wrapped in a page from the 1973 edition of the Hi Fi Year Book. Two colour A5 paper inserts are also included.