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Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #5” C20

QCS_132 Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #5” C20 (edition of 20)

The fifth instalment of the Misc Loops series explores extended tape loops of lo-fi ambient music subtly incorporating field recordings of bird song, chimes, streams/rivers and the coast. A soundtrack to fading coastal memories.

Colour artwork is printed onto white paper and packaged in dark blue backed library cases. Each copy features fetching plum purple tape shells and colour labels.


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Norfolk Trotter “Wall Noise for Gravel 7” Single” s/sided C90

QCS_131 Norfolk Trotter “Wall Noise for Gravel 7” Single” s/sided C90 (edition of 11)

An experimental 30 minute textured wall sourced from a turntable playing a 7” single of loose gravel. Recorded directly to cassette with no further edits or treatments.

Each stickered recycled TDK Cding II chrome cassette is packaged in an A5 manilla envelope. Black and white art work is mounted onto the front, with information rubber-stamped onto the back. Every copy includes a rubber-stamped and stickered postcard.


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