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Culver “Rebecca Reanimated” 7″ s/sided square lathe cut record

QCS_133 Culver “Rebecca Reanimated” 7″ s/sided square lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 24)

Culver returns to QCS with an oozing slab of ominous and dense lo-fi drone noise.
Black and white folded art work is printed onto either light blue, pink, cream, grey, pink or yellow card. Each copy also features a rubber-stamped white paper sleeve.


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Culver ‘Rebecca Reanimated’ 7″ s/sided Lathe Cut Record Pre-order

QCS_133 Culver “Rebecca Reanimated” 7″ s/sided clear square lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 20-25ish)

Culver returns to QCS presenting an oozing slab of ominous and dense lo-fi drone noise, evokes the sense something bad is about to happen…. ​
Art work/packaging will be tenderly crafted to the highest DIY standards! ​Running time: 6:55​.

Expected release date is approximately 10-11ish weeks from now, any questions please get in touch. ​


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Two New Lathe Cut Records On QCS!

QCS_128 Michael Ridge “Bottle Bank” 7″ s/sided square locked groove lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 12)

This already existed as a one-off edition cut for the Stretch & Burn artist residency last year at Dove Street Studios. The concept for this project is simple: the sound of glass bottles smashing inside a bottle bank unceasingly plays on a single 1.6 second locked groove. Play it for 1.6 seconds or 16 hours!!

Colour artwork is printed onto white card, an additional B&W insert is printed onto light blue paper.

Check out this short documentation video of my own copy being played:



QCS_129 Zebra Mu “Sweat Loop Road Fuck” 4.75″ s/sided square lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 14)

Uneasy and drunken trash tape loop session derived from a clump of discarded tape found on the side of the road. Garbled half-speed spoken word nonsense and other unidentified noises at work.

Each lathe cut record is packaged in a clear plastic CD sleeve. Folded colour artwork is printed onto white paper with an additional B&W insert printed onto red paper


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Le Scrambled Debutante Picnic Plate Lathe Cut Record

QCS_107 Le Scrambled Debutante “Satan Eggs (Evil Ovum Mix)” 6″ s/sided picnic plate lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM + DVDr included with seven random copies (edition of 20)

Trippy Dada inspired sonic bizarreness/abstract head fuckery from multi-media artist and musician Allan Zane!

B&W artwork is printed onto light grey marbled paper. Cut onto blue plastic picnic plates, the edges of which have been cut with pinking shears. A delightful egg inspired colour centre label finishes off the look!

***Please note*** This is an experimental and very lo-fi record – if you would like the digital version of the track please let me know when you order/contact me.


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Le Scrambled Debutante Picnic Plate Lathe Cut Record Pre-Order

Pre-orders are now being taken for: Le Scrambled Debutante “Satan Eggs (Evil Ovum Mix)” s/sided picnic plate lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM (edition of 20)

“Imagine Ono & Lennon’s ‘Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins’, Nurse With Wound, Severed Heads, Virgin Prunes, and other assorted bands and genres, tossed into a blender on high speed, and the lid left off. That’s Le Scrambled Debutante. Pure Sonic Dada and Aural Buffoonery!!!”

For “Satan Eggs (Evil Ovum Mix)” expect blue picnic plates with a colour label mounted onto each one; B&W art work will be printed onto card + other random goodies included…

Please note: this is a handmade and highly experimental lathe cut record. I’m more than happy to email you the original track when I dispatch your copy upon release.

It should be ready in approximately 10-12 weeks: on the day of release I will dispatch your copy.

*Pre-orders are now closed!*

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2Minute Minor ‘Soda Tax’ 2″ Lathe Cut Single Support

Over the past few months I’ve been in contact with Zach Bridier who is the drummer for Chicago Hardcore Punk Project 2Minute Minor. Zach initially contacted me for advice on releasing a 2” lathe cut record; a format the band had never worked with before.

I’m pleased to announce Soda Tax is out now in an edition of 50 copies and can be purchased directly from the band!!! (it’s only $3.00!!) >>>>>>

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“Feed the Birds” Experimental 7″ Lathe Cut Record

QCS_110 Michael Ridge & Jeroen Diepenmaat “Feed the Birds” s/sided lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM (edition of 9)

Feed the Birds is a collaboration between myself and the wonderful Jeroen Diepenmaat: 7” clear single sided lathe cut record meticulously covered with mixed bird seed. Allowing birds to literally feed off the record will expose the playing surface: an experimental field recording awaits the listener….

Each lathe cut is packaged in white 7” reel-to-reel tape box with B&W artwork mounted on the lid. An additional paper insert is included with the record.


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GX Jupitter-Larsen / Zebra Mu “Split” 1″ Lathe Cut Record

QCS_100 GX Jupitter-Larsen / Zebra Mu “Split” 1″ lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM (edition of 110)

Likely to be one of the smallest lathe cut records ever released! GX and I each recorded an exclusive eight second composition for this project. Expect a spoken word piece from GX and experimental noise/drone piece from myself.
Each clear 1” lathe cut is nestled in a clear PVC coin wallet, with fold-out artwork printed in blue ink onto yellow paper. Every copy comes in a 2” x 2.8” grey drawstring velvet bag, complete with a shrunken QCS promo flyer.


**PLEASE BE AWARE** This is a handmade and extremely experimental lathe cut record, expect it to be monstrously lo-fi and VERY challenging to play…. HAVE FUN!

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Zebra Mu “Plastic Junk Warp” Lathe Cut Record Out Now!



QCS_098 Zebra Mu “Plastic Junk Warp” 5″ s/sided rectangular recycled plastic lathe cut 33⅓ RPM (edition of 4)

Just over a minute of primitive junk metal bashing with a smattering of squealing electronics!

This lathe cut record is possibly the first of its kind: each copy is sourced from recycled plastic packaging commonly used for Christmas and greeting card multi-packs! As you would expect this is a highly experimental and (very) lo-fi record, comparable in sound quality to the picnic plate lathe cuts I’ve released in the past.
Every copy features B&W artwork printed onto silver paper, also included is a rubber-stamped sticker and B&W paper insert printed onto light grey paper.


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Torturing Nurse / Zebra Mu Split 3″ Lathe Cut Record




QCS_097 Torturing Nurse / Zebra Mu “Split” 3″ lathe cut record 45 RPM (edition of 22)
Short and sharp split between myself and the legendary Torturing Nurse! Horrible lo-fi frantic Harsh Noise weirdness! Play this to take your mind off recent world events!
Front and back B&W cover art is printed onto clear acetate and housed inside a clear CD sleeve. Small rubber-stamped stickers are mounted onto each lathe and secured onto red pearlescent card; additional B&W art/cut-outs are printed onto yellow paper.


**PLEASE BE AWARE** this is a handmade and highly experimental/lo-fi record! These seem to play well on older turntables, odd models and those that play to the spindle.

Super Short Video Preview >>>>>>>>>>

Torturing Nurse / Zebra Mu 3″ Lathe Cut Record Preview from Michael Ridge on Vimeo.

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