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QCS Loves The NHS: Compilation Call Out!

A Quagga Curious Sounds DIY music compilation fundraiser!

  • 5 minutes max
  • New/unreleased material is preferred
  • Open to musicians/artists from any genre
  • Send track (WAV is preferred) via WeTransfer to
  • Include artist name and title plus any supporting text, links, biography etc.
  • You’re welcome to include artwork/image/logo with your track (1400px x 1400px minimum)
  • Compilation will feature on my Bandcamp page (, starting from £1.00 (please donate more if you can!) with all funds going to NHS Charities supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients:
  • Deadline is 10th May
  • I will provide weekly updates on here and via the Facebook page detailing how much is raised!
  • I won’t accept anything that promotes racism, sexism, homophobia or other hatred. 

Update 03/05/2020: so far 34 tracks have been received, spanning from ambient/acoustic to harsh noise/hnw! Amazing stuff!!

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Starlite Coffins Promotional Music Video

In anticipation of the Dead Horse Pasture 3″CDr release (which is coming next) I present you with a short promotional music video created by Ryan Brundage (Starlite Coffins).
This release has taken months of planning and will feature extensive and beautifully handcrafted packaging, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information soon…….

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Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards Lathe Cut Record


Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards is a bespoke 8” x 8” transparent multi-holed lathe cut (hand cut) record created exclusively for my Build Your Own artist residency.This unique record-object features several centre holes and two one minute audio tracks intersecting over each other. Each track is a distinct and contrasting sonic element I discovered inside the museum; sounds that perhaps are overlooked or ignored. Track one is the ominous sound of a heavy ball and chain being dragged across the cobbled stone floor of the lower dungeons; track two is a squeaking floorboard located on the balcony level of the Castle Keep. The intersecting tracks abstractly represent the interlocking metal chains located in the Dungeons of the Castle Museum (an area I made extensive use of during my residency).
It was exhibited on several residency days; along with its cassette counterparts they’ve been very popular with visitors! Only five copies of were made, each one including an abundance of handcrafted artwork and packaging. Every copy included: a unique collage assembled from 1940’s newspapers and museum publications/journals, vintage silk thread, vintage museum admission tickets, two b/w printouts, 6×4” photograph from the residency and rubber-stamped paper bag!

As the final day of the residency is creeping up this lathe cut seems a fitting way to mark the end of an incredibly rewarding and challenging project.

Please note: all copies have been purchased!

Below are all five collages assembled for each copy of the lathe, click on a thumbnail to enlarge:

Here is a close-up of the lathe itself:


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Zebra Mu 3″ Lathe Cut Record Out Now!

25 25 web 2

QCS_084-Zebra Mu, 25 25, 3″ lathe cut 45RPM, edition of 12
25 25 features 50 one second extracts from 50 of my favourite Zebra Mu releases – this includes solo, split, collaboration and compilation appearances dating from 2008-2013. An absurd but brilliant short blast of noise on a minuscule 3 inch lathe cut record!!
Each black lathe cut record is packaged in a red drawstring velvet bag with colour fold-out artwork. Information is mounted onto either a small vintage photograph (obscuring the subjects) or old postcard (obscuring the postal address).


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Smegma Lathe Cut Record Pre-orders

I’m very excited to announce pre-orders are now being accepted for the upcoming Smegma ‘Archaic Ritual #3’ single sided mono 7” clear square lathe cut record! Fans of the group are really in for a treat: ‘Archaic Ritual #3’ was recorded live at Smegma’s studio in 2014 using six record players and combination of Smegma lathe cuts/records from the 1970’s. Just over six minutes of wonderful and weird loose experimental noise! Included with the lathe will be lovingly handmade black and white art work / inserts.

Only 30 copies will be cut so if you want one I’d recommend pre-ordering as soon as you can. Estimated time of release upon writing this post is about 16 weeks and when the lathes are complete I simply dispatch them to you.

Prices which include postage prices are:


If you have any questions please do get in touch at the same email address.

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News #41

Click to scroll through the images and enlarge:

After a long wait the Extreme Noise Terror ‘Chained + Crazed / Nih Nightmare s/sided square 7″ lathe cut is finally here and sold out upon release as every copy was pre-ordered! It was fantastic to work with such a legendary band and the result is a truly unique and one-off release for them. The lathe features one brand new studio track (Chained + Crazed) and a never before released G.I.S.M. cover (Nih Nightmare) from 1994!

To make it more special Dean Jones took the time to hand-etch the band’s initials and copy number onto the surface of each lathe! Continuing the QCS DIY ethos I packaged the lathe in a black card cover with a black and white sticker mounted on the front and back. A fold-out insert was included featuring black and white artwork, information and lyrics.

Keep a look out as Extreme Noise Terror might return to QCS again sometime……

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News #40

The Crank

Grooves Up Close

This one-off wax cylinder features a recording of a crank slowing being turned at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery (I work here and it’s often featured on dungeon/prison tours). The recording is a succession of unsettling creaks, groans and scraps the device makes whilst in use, evoking the torment and monotony inmates had to endure.

It’s named after a contraption that often utilised as a form of hard labour in Victorian prisons. The device most commonly features a large drum containing four paddles connected to a handle that an inmate would have to turn thousands of times a day. Its only purpose was to exhaust and punish.

The wax cylinder and crank both date from the 19th century and are now very much obsolete technology; the sound source as well as the method of sound reproduction compliment each other rather nicely.

Three 6 x 4” black and white photographs accompany the cylinder depicting the crank itself and display panel featuring an inmate using the device. All information is rubber-stamped onto a 2.5″ x 1.5″ piece of pale yellow. Only one copy was made and unfortunately it’s not for sale, however you can listen to the digital recording below…

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News #39

QCS_047b-Vomir: Consolament Bruitiste Part 2, C4 s/sided endless loop, edition of 7
Reissue of the much sought after single sided 7” lathe cut from 2012. Consolament Bruitiste Part 2 was originally intended to be an endless loop cassette but due to complications was released initially as a lathe cut. This is the classic Vomir sound: unrelenting harsh wall noise. Fans can rejoice knowing this tape can be played for hours, days and weeks on end without ever stopping. No mercy.

Like its lathe cut counterpart brand new black and white artwork is printed onto black paper which is mounted onto grey card. Each copy is packaged in a clear 6″x6″ zip lock bag with a black and white cassette label mounted onto the shell. Each copy includes two pages from a 1951 paperback edition of The Divine Comedy (Book 1: Hell).

Recorded onto the now incredibly hard to get Mann Endless Cassette (hence the unusually high price!). These play fine on a majority of cassette players but a few won’t play them, if you have any queries please contact me prior to purchasing.


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News #38

20150413_170353_LLS 20150413_170431_LLS
Null Glam Void a new Zebra Mu b/card CDr single and 8-page mini zine is now available! This was made especially for the Norwich Zine Fair held at the Arts Centre recently but I have a few copies left… get one before they vanish!


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News #36

Roger Batty of Musique Machine has given the recent Martyr of Sores C90 a very positive review (this release is now unfortunately sold out!):

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