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Zebra Mu “Warm Up / Trash” 3″CDr Out NOW!

QCS_111 Zebra Mu “Warm Up / Trash” 3″CDr (edition of 11)

Two live semi-improvised recordings captured in February of stripped back experimental noise, sourced primarily from mic’d up broken gramophone records and my voice.

A rubber stamped 3”CDr is packaged in a slim line DVD case. Each copy features cyan and black artwork printed onto peach coloured paper, an additional insert is printed in red onto yellow paper.

£4.20 (UK)
£6.45 (Europe)
£7.20 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]

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Zebra Mu “Plastic Warp Junk” Recycled Lathe Cut Record Out Now!

QCS_104 Zebra Mu “Plastic Warp Junk” 5.5″ s/sided square recycled plastic lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM (edition of 11)

Just over a minute of focused Harsh Noise and squawking electronics cut onto sections of recycled clear plastic used to package venetian blinds! This is an extremely experimental and (very) lo-fi lathe cut record, expect surface noise and sound quality comparable to a picnic plate lathe or old 78.

Every copy features B&W artwork/information printed onto pearlescent bronze paper. Each lathe cut is housed in a white paper sleeve with artwork printed in green ink.


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Duplo Chat / Zebra Mu “Split” s/sided recycled C88 OUT NOW!

QCS_103 Duplo Chat / Zebra Mu “Split” s/sided recycled C88 (edition of 16)
Gritty, sparse and lo-fi HNW from Duplo Chat, extended noise/drone session assaulted onto a faulty and very old Walkman from Zebra Mu. Just under 40 minutes running time. Lo-fi is King.

Each copy comes with a recycled light grey cassette and colour label, side B has the original content which is a talk on growing in holiness if you fancy something different. Colour/B&W artwork is printed onto white paper and packed in a green backed library case.


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K2 “Jakuzure” C21 Out NOW!

QCS_101 K2 “Jakuzure” C21 (edition of 51)
I’m absolutely delighted to have K2 back on QCS – his newest offering Jakuzure comprises of two expertly crafted and vigorous Harsh Noise compositions. An essential for veteran and new fans of this legendary project!

Each copy features a clear fluorescent blue tint cassette shell and colour labels. Bright magenta and blue artwork is printed onto light blue paper that is packed in a silver grey backed library case.


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Torturing Nurse / Zebra Mu Split C10 out NOW!

QCS_099 Torturing Nurse / Zebra Mu “Split” C10 (edition of 23)
The second split between myself and Torturing Nurse: anticipate two slabs of straight up ruthless Harsh Noise.

Each copy features a black cassette shell with colour labels and double-sided colour artwork printed onto two sheets of white card. Every cassette is folded inside a printed B&W collage on yellow paper that is held together with a rubber-stamped colour sticker. A random 35mm vintage colour slide or cloth patch is included; everything is packaged inside a clear zip-lock bag.


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Zebra Mu 3″ Lathe Cut Record Out Now!

25 25 web 2

QCS_084-Zebra Mu, 25 25, 3″ lathe cut 45RPM, edition of 12
25 25 features 50 one second extracts from 50 of my favourite Zebra Mu releases – this includes solo, split, collaboration and compilation appearances dating from 2008-2013. An absurd but brilliant short blast of noise on a minuscule 3 inch lathe cut record!!
Each black lathe cut record is packaged in a red drawstring velvet bag with colour fold-out artwork. Information is mounted onto either a small vintage photograph (obscuring the subjects) or old postcard (obscuring the postal address).


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Smegma Lathe Cut Record Pre-orders

I’m very excited to announce pre-orders are now being accepted for the upcoming Smegma ‘Archaic Ritual #3’ single sided mono 7” clear square lathe cut record! Fans of the group are really in for a treat: ‘Archaic Ritual #3’ was recorded live at Smegma’s studio in 2014 using six record players and combination of Smegma lathe cuts/records from the 1970’s. Just over six minutes of wonderful and weird loose experimental noise! Included with the lathe will be lovingly handmade black and white art work / inserts.

Only 30 copies will be cut so if you want one I’d recommend pre-ordering as soon as you can. Estimated time of release upon writing this post is about 16 weeks and when the lathes are complete I simply dispatch them to you.

Prices which include postage prices are:


If you have any questions please do get in touch at the same email address.

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News #37

After a longer than expected delay the Zebra Mu picnic plate lathe cut records are finally here!! It’s also the first release for 2015!! Hurrah!
Only a limited quantity is for sale so check out the Available and Upcoming page before they sell out……

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News #34

Hurrah! after what seems like ages I’m pleased to announce the release of ‘Watertower’ by the super AMK! Go to the Available and Upcoming page for more information, sounds and to purchase a copy….

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News #32

Firstly I’m pleased to announce Where is This returns to QCS with another cracking release ‘Music You Speak Of’ – released on 3″CDr it’s available to buy/trade now!. Check out the Available and Upcoming Page for more information. EDIT: SOLD OUT!

Some of you may have noticed a Zebra Mu s/sided 5″ clear lathe cut was released, only 6 were made and were instantly snapped up! I’m pleased to say I do have plans to release more lathe cut records in the future….

Capstan Twitch
A Zebra Mu C10 was released today called ‘Capstan Twitch’ – comprising of two new experimental noise/weird recordings this was made exclusively for the UK Cassette Swap and is NOT available to buy!

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