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Zebra Mu “Aquarius Traits” Box Set

QCS_117 Zebra Mu “Aquarius Traits” Box Set: C15, s/sided Microcassette MC60, Tape Loop and Reel-to-Reel Loop (edition of 8)

Noise and magnetic tape spectacular elegantly presented in a wooden box! The C15 documents two new contrasting recordings, side a: frenzied Harsh Noise, side b: delves into tape loop manipulation and microphone weirdness. Various live recordings are captured on the microcassette, a mix of playing anti-records, junk metal, shit drone etc. The tape loop documents two (very short) recordings from an amplified craft knife blade, the reel-to-reel loop is a wedge of lo-fi mono Harsh Noise fun!

All components are presented in a hand-painted metallic blush gold wooden box, art work and information is fixed to the top and underside of the lid. Stickered cassette is wrapped in a blue or yellow paper insert with art work printed in magenta ink. Stickered microcassette is packaged in a clear case with a recycled paper cover. Two second tape loop is displayed inside a plastic craft knife blade holder. Twelve second reel-to-reel loop is protected inside a clear cassette case wrapped in a page from the 1973 edition of the Hi Fi Year Book. Two colour A5 paper inserts are also included.


News #19

Blue Spectrum created this confrontational slice of noise sourced from playing the Anti Reader’s Latex Digest and glass! In the artist’s own words:
“I thought of the latex as a metaphor of flesh and playing it was destroying it, through pain, sex, drugs etc and that’s why I added the glass”

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News #18

Dead Body Collection: This Is The Hell That You Created For Me 3″CDr is out now! Sonically a little different from DBC’s previous recordings, this release is inspired by the artist’s own personal hell and it’s wall noise at it’s best in my opinion.

Also plenty of noise/experimental tapes, CDr’s and floppy disks for sale at very friendly prices on Discogs!:
If you don’t use Discogs just drop an email with what you want to: mike-ridge[AT]

News #17

QCS_047-Vomir: Consolament Bruitiste Part 2, 7″ clear square lathe cut 33 1/3 rpm, edition of 10
The long awaited second installment of ‘Consolament Bruitiste’ from the master of HNW. The first 7″ lathe on QCS that also plays from the inside out!
The lathe is packaged in high quality handmade card covers with artwork printed onto black paper. All copies were pre-ordered and consequently is sold out upon its release!

News #16

Coming soon……..(update: sold out!)

News #15

K2 Funeral Songs CDr is finally out now! HUGE thanks to those who pre-ordered/ordered a copy….Update: SOLD OUT!

News #14

Pre-orders are now being accepted for the K2 ‘Funeral Songs’ CDr! If all goes to plan it should be out later next week.

Payment details:
£4.40 (UK)
£4.90 (Europe)
£5.40 (Worldwide)
Paypal: mike-ridge[AT]

All pre-orders will be dispatched en masse on the day of release!

News #13

Sneak peak at the artwork for the forthcoming K2 CDr….

News #12

Rather good review of Pollutive “Cruel Machinery” CDr on Dead Formats here: (copies are still available!):

News #11

Froze.Hatech. Frozen Hate Technology Demo 3″CDr is out now, its super limited to 14 copies and I’ve only got two left…!
In other news all releases for this year have been decided and I won’t be accepting ANY new submissions for the moment.