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Starlite Coffins Promotional Music Video

In anticipation of the Dead Horse Pasture 3″CDr release (which is coming next) I present you with a short promotional music video created by Ryan Brundage (Starlite Coffins).
This release has taken months of planning and will feature extensive and beautifully handcrafted packaging, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information soon…….

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News #33

Things have been a little quiet of late – several releases have come and gone (rather quickly!) since my last news post! Don’t worry though the next release on QCS will be a tape from the legendary AMK so keep your eyes and ears peeled….

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News #31

Due to quite a few asking pre-orders are now being taken for the awesome Guilty C. ‘Imputation Mutation’ C10 coming next on QCS!

Further information:
“I’ve been a fan of GxCx for YEARS since getting a copy of ‘First Noise Attack’ so it’s a great honour to release this slice of grim Japanese harsh noise!
A clear cassette shell loaded with Maxell Super Chrome will feature red hubs. These will come in clear case that is packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag (other surprises will be included!). Nasty black and white artwork will be printed onto red paper”


*Expected release date is mid to late February
**If you purchase this as a pre-order on the day of release your tape will be shipped to you- simple!


News #30

AS 2013 draws to a close I must say it’s been another great year for the label so a huge thank you for your continued support – it’s been such fun!

I’ve recently set up a QCS SoundCloud account so you can preview tracks before buying / trading:

Remember to check out the Available and Upcoming page for the latest releases from Canadian group Fossils and Zebra Mu / Tristan Burfield as well as news of what’s in store for 2014……..

Have a good one!
Michael X

News #22

This is just a quick post to say thank you to all the artists, labels, photographers, customers and traders for your continued support this year! It’s been great one for QCS and you’ve got some exciting releases to look forward to in January/February 2013:

QCS_053-Zebra Mu: River Dread 3″CDr, edition of 10
QCS_054-Zebra Mu / Tim James: ‘Collaboration’ C30, edition of 15
QCS_055-Richard Ramirez: Wrangler C20, edition of 30

QCS_056-K2: 311-365+1 CDr, edition of 80
QCS_057-Zebra Mu: The Lord’s Tower, 3″CDr, C5 & 3.5″ floppy disk, edition of 20
QCS_058-Sindre Bjerga: Beyond the Thirteenth Chord 3″CDr, edition of 30

+++ much more on the horizon!

Michael X