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QCS Loves The NHS – Charity Compilation

QCS_139 Various Artists “QCS Loves The NHS” File/Download

QCS LOVES THE NHS: A Quagga Curious Sounds DIY music charity compilation for our wonderful National Health Service! 57 tracks showcasing some of the best underground/DIY/outsider music and art, some label regulars and a few new faces too! It costs only £1.00 but please consider donating more if you can.

All money raised will be donated to NHS Charities supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients: www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk#how

When the pandemic is over (hopefully soon) I will continue to donate any sales to NHS charities.

A massive heartfelt thank you to all contributing artists.

14/05/2020: £52.11 has been raised!
19/05/2020: £23.52 has been raised!


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Two New Lathe Cut Records On QCS!

QCS_128 Michael Ridge “Bottle Bank” 7″ s/sided square locked groove lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 12)

This already existed as a one-off edition cut for the Stretch & Burn artist residency last year at Dove Street Studios. The concept for this project is simple: the sound of glass bottles smashing inside a bottle bank unceasingly plays on a single 1.6 second locked groove. Play it for 1.6 seconds or 16 hours!!

Colour artwork is printed onto white card, an additional B&W insert is printed onto light blue paper.

Check out this short documentation video of my own copy being played:



QCS_129 Zebra Mu “Sweat Loop Road Fuck” 4.75″ s/sided square lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 14)

Uneasy and drunken trash tape loop session derived from a clump of discarded tape found on the side of the road. Garbled half-speed spoken word nonsense and other unidentified noises at work.

Each lathe cut record is packaged in a clear plastic CD sleeve. Folded colour artwork is printed onto white paper with an additional B&W insert printed onto red paper


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Jeroen Diepenmaat & Michael Ridge “Environmental Sounds” b/card CDr

QCS_126 Jeroen Diepenmaat & Michael Ridge “Environmental Sounds” b/card CDr (edition of 20)
I’m delighted to present Environmental Sounds, the second artist and label collaboration between myself and Dutch artist Jeroen Diepenmaat. A four minute composition has been carefully composed around environmental and nature field recordings played back on scratched and modified CDr’s. The listener will encounter various glitches, skips, noise and silence mixed with our original recordings.

Each copy features unique art work/designs: information is printed onto five separate clear acetate sheets, the information will gradually wear/scratch off and degrade. A fragment of masking, brown and blue parcel tape is applied to three sheets of acetate. Hand drawn line work mimicking CD scratches is drawn onto each disc.


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Michael Ridge “Heatwave” Recycled Loop Cassette

QCS_113 Michael Ridge “Heatwave” recycled seven second tape loop (edition of 10)
A handmade seven second tape loop inspired by the recent heatwave in the UK. Side A is a rough field recording capturing dry grass and vegetation gently rustling in the hot wind stifling wind, side B is a lo-fi drone composition recorded during a level three warning. Each loop is dubbed onto used audio book tape and installed inside a recycled shell. I’ve allowed tiny fragments of the original recordings to seep into mine, consequently each copy will sound slightly different.

Stark B&W art work is printed onto speckled off-white paper, recycled audio book tapes each have a colour label mounted onto the shell.
*Please note: I’ve tested each loop out on several different cassette players and these work fine, however I can’t guarantee they will work on all!*


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Michael Ridge ‘Misc Loops #3’ Recycled s/sided CS

QCS_114 Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #3” recycled s/sided CS (edition of 15)

A 20 minute composition of meditative tape loop exploration; weaving together lo-fi ambient music, background noise and subtle bird song recordings.

Recycled black audio book cassette features a colour label mounted onto the shell. Colour artwork is printed onto white paper and packaged in either clear or grey tape shells.


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“Feed the Birds” Experimental 7″ Lathe Cut Record

QCS_110 Michael Ridge & Jeroen Diepenmaat “Feed the Birds” s/sided lathe cut record 33⅓ RPM (edition of 9)

Feed the Birds is a collaboration between myself and the wonderful Jeroen Diepenmaat: 7” clear single sided lathe cut record meticulously covered with mixed bird seed. Allowing birds to literally feed off the record will expose the playing surface: an experimental field recording awaits the listener….

Each lathe cut is packaged in white 7” reel-to-reel tape box with B&W artwork mounted on the lid. An additional paper insert is included with the record.


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Guilty C. 7″ Lathe Cut Record OUT NOW!

GC_Promo Photo-001

QCS_086-Guilty C, The Sound Hunt EP #1, 7″ lathe cut 33⅓ RPM, edition of 20
I’m thrilled to present ‘The Sound Hunt EP #1’ – the latest lathe cut record by Japanese legend Guilty C.! Listeners will encounter two shadowy field recordings captured by the artist in 2014, at midnight on an ancient lake in Japan.
A beautifully crafted clear lathe cut record features black and white centre labels with black and white artwork printed onto grey card.


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Guilty C. Lathe Cut Record Pre-order

Image for Pre-order post

I’m now accepting a limited number of pre-orders for Guilty C. ‘The Sound Hunt EP #1’ mono 7” clear lathe cut record! This EP features two field recordings he captured whilst sailing a small inflatable boat at midnight on an ancient lake in Japan(!). It’s great to be working again with such a revered artist, and this release will certainly delight and intrigue fans.

Included with the lathe will be lovingly handmade black and white art work / inserts.

Only 20 copies will be cut so if you want a copy I’d recommend pre-ordering as soon as you can. Like past pre-orders I’ll keep you updated on its progress and upon release I simply dispatch your lathe cut to you. Estimated time of release upon writing this post is approximately 16 weeks.


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Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards Lathe Cut Record


Ball and Chain / Squeaky Floorboards is a bespoke 8” x 8” transparent multi-holed lathe cut (hand cut) record created exclusively for my Build Your Own artist residency.This unique record-object features several centre holes and two one minute audio tracks intersecting over each other. Each track is a distinct and contrasting sonic element I discovered inside the museum; sounds that perhaps are overlooked or ignored. Track one is the ominous sound of a heavy ball and chain being dragged across the cobbled stone floor of the lower dungeons; track two is a squeaking floorboard located on the balcony level of the Castle Keep. The intersecting tracks abstractly represent the interlocking metal chains located in the Dungeons of the Castle Museum (an area I made extensive use of during my residency).
It was exhibited on several residency days; along with its cassette counterparts they’ve been very popular with visitors! Only five copies of were made, each one including an abundance of handcrafted artwork and packaging. Every copy included: a unique collage assembled from 1940’s newspapers and museum publications/journals, vintage silk thread, vintage museum admission tickets, two b/w printouts, 6×4” photograph from the residency and rubber-stamped paper bag!

As the final day of the residency is creeping up this lathe cut seems a fitting way to mark the end of an incredibly rewarding and challenging project.

Please note: all copies have been purchased!

Below are all five collages assembled for each copy of the lathe, click on a thumbnail to enlarge:

Here is a close-up of the lathe itself:


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