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Norfolk Trotter “Floppy Flint Wall” 3.5″ floppy disk

QCS_140 Norfolk Trotter “Floppy Flint Wall” 3.5″ floppy disk (edition of 12)

Just over five minutes of lo-bit noise wall, captured using an Olympus digital voice recorder for added flint-based crunch.

Each black diskette features a rubber-stamped label printed onto light marbled paper. Every cover is a unique collaged and rubber-stamped design mounted onto purple card.

£4.20 (UK)
£6.45 (Europe)
£7.20 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk
Prices in GBP

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QCS Loves The NHS – Charity Compilation

QCS_139 Various Artists “QCS Loves The NHS” File/Download

QCS LOVES THE NHS: A Quagga Curious Sounds DIY music charity compilation for our wonderful National Health Service! 57 tracks showcasing some of the best underground/DIY/outsider music and art, some label regulars and a few new faces too! It costs only £1.00 but please consider donating more if you can.

All money raised will be donated to NHS Charities supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients: www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk#how

When the pandemic is over (hopefully soon) I will continue to donate any sales to NHS charities.

A massive heartfelt thank you to all contributing artists.

14/05/2020: £52.11 has been raised!
19/05/2020: £23.52 has been raised!


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Norfolk Trotter “Monumental” Microcassette Out Now!

QCS_102 Norfolk Trotter “Monumental” Microcassette MC60 (edition of 6)
The first microcassette release on QCS!! Monumental features two slabs of brutal lo-fi mono harsh noise wall, it can be played at either 2.4 cm/s (60 minutes total running time) or double the duration by playing at 1.2 cm/s.

Folded artwork is printed in red ink onto black paper, an additional insert is printed in black ink onto red card. Each labelled microcassette is tied up with black ribbon and packaged in a black and silver zip lock bag.


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News #39

QCS_047b-Vomir: Consolament Bruitiste Part 2, C4 s/sided endless loop, edition of 7
Reissue of the much sought after single sided 7” lathe cut from 2012. Consolament Bruitiste Part 2 was originally intended to be an endless loop cassette but due to complications was released initially as a lathe cut. This is the classic Vomir sound: unrelenting harsh wall noise. Fans can rejoice knowing this tape can be played for hours, days and weeks on end without ever stopping. No mercy.

Like its lathe cut counterpart brand new black and white artwork is printed onto black paper which is mounted onto grey card. Each copy is packaged in a clear 6″x6″ zip lock bag with a black and white cassette label mounted onto the shell. Each copy includes two pages from a 1951 paperback edition of The Divine Comedy (Book 1: Hell).

Recorded onto the now incredibly hard to get Mann Endless Cassette (hence the unusually high price!). These play fine on a majority of cassette players but a few won’t play them, if you have any queries please contact me prior to purchasing.


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