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K2 “Jakuzure” C21 Out NOW!

QCS_101 K2 “Jakuzure” C21 (edition of 51)
I’m absolutely delighted to have K2 back on QCS – his newest offering Jakuzure comprises of two expertly crafted and vigorous Harsh Noise compositions. An essential for veteran and new fans of this legendary project!

Each copy features a clear fluorescent blue tint cassette shell and colour labels. Bright magenta and blue artwork is printed onto light blue paper that is packed in a silver grey backed library case.


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Guilty C. Lathe Cut Record Pre-order

Image for Pre-order post

I’m now accepting a limited number of pre-orders for Guilty C. ‘The Sound Hunt EP #1’ mono 7” clear lathe cut record! This EP features two field recordings he captured whilst sailing a small inflatable boat at midnight on an ancient lake in Japan(!). It’s great to be working again with such a revered artist, and this release will certainly delight and intrigue fans.

Included with the lathe will be lovingly handmade black and white art work / inserts.

Only 20 copies will be cut so if you want a copy I’d recommend pre-ordering as soon as you can. Like past pre-orders I’ll keep you updated on its progress and upon release I simply dispatch your lathe cut to you. Estimated time of release upon writing this post is approximately 16 weeks.


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