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Culver ‘Rebecca Reanimated’ 7″ s/sided Lathe Cut Record Pre-order

QCS_133 Culver “Rebecca Reanimated” 7″ s/sided clear square lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 20-25ish)

Culver returns to QCS presenting an oozing slab of ominous and dense lo-fi drone noise, evokes the sense something bad is about to happen…. ​
Art work/packaging will be tenderly crafted to the highest DIY standards! ​Running time: 6:55​.

Expected release date is approximately 10-11ish weeks from now, any questions please get in touch. ​


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Culver “Metal Hanging Bird” C45

QCS_122 Culver “Metal Hanging Bird” C45 (edition of 26)

Lee Stokoe makes a very welcome return to QCS, this time delivering two immense heavy drone works as the mighty Culver!

Colour artwork is printed onto white paper and packaged in a black backed library case. Each copy features distinctive 1970’s bi-colour red and blue cassette with labels printed in black, red and blue ink.


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