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Michael Ridge “Live Tape Loops” s/sided C43 Version

QCS_137 Michael Ridge “Live Tape Loops” s/sided C43 (edition of 14)

Many of you have asked so I’m pleased to present the cassette version of “Live Tape Loops” released digitally back in April! Rough and improvised tape loop jam using a combination of two microcassette loops and one cassette loop, playing a mix of field recordings, singing bowl experiments and heavily warbled/slowed down classical music. The soundtrack to my lockdown experience.

Colour artwork is printed onto card and packaged in a square zip lock bag. A rubber-stamped sticker decorates each black cassette shell, every copy also includes a small clump of unspooled classical music tape.


Check it out here: https://mridge.bandcamp.com/album/live-tape-loops

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Zebra Mu “Record 2 Mouth” C9

QCS_135 Zebra Mu “Record 2 Mouth” C9 (edition of 10)

No-fi microcassette experiments and tomfoolery aplenty, minimal gear used for satisfying results!

Art work is printed in either red or cyan ink onto purple card. Dubbed onto modified and stickered white NEAL police interview tapes, these are packaged in a black backed library case.


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Culver ‘Rebecca Reanimated’ 7″ s/sided Lathe Cut Record Pre-order

QCS_133 Culver “Rebecca Reanimated” 7″ s/sided clear square lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 20-25ish)

Culver returns to QCS presenting an oozing slab of ominous and dense lo-fi drone noise, evokes the sense something bad is about to happen…. ​
Art work/packaging will be tenderly crafted to the highest DIY standards! ​Running time: 6:55​.

Expected release date is approximately 10-11ish weeks from now, any questions please get in touch. ​


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Two New Lathe Cut Records On QCS!

QCS_128 Michael Ridge “Bottle Bank” 7″ s/sided square locked groove lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 12)

This already existed as a one-off edition cut for the Stretch & Burn artist residency last year at Dove Street Studios. The concept for this project is simple: the sound of glass bottles smashing inside a bottle bank unceasingly plays on a single 1.6 second locked groove. Play it for 1.6 seconds or 16 hours!!

Colour artwork is printed onto white card, an additional B&W insert is printed onto light blue paper.

Check out this short documentation video of my own copy being played:



QCS_129 Zebra Mu “Sweat Loop Road Fuck” 4.75″ s/sided square lathe cut record 33 ⅓ RPM (edition of 14)

Uneasy and drunken trash tape loop session derived from a clump of discarded tape found on the side of the road. Garbled half-speed spoken word nonsense and other unidentified noises at work.

Each lathe cut record is packaged in a clear plastic CD sleeve. Folded colour artwork is printed onto white paper with an additional B&W insert printed onto red paper


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Norfolk Trotter “Nodule” reel-to-reel loop

QCS_124 Norfolk Trotter “Nodule” reel-to-reel loop (edition of 15)

Experimental and lo-fi Harsh Noise Wall reel-to-reel loops from my side-project Norfolk Trotter. Nodule comprises of an 8 second loop documenting two live recording sessions, both captured utilising a 1960’s Stellaphone ST470 portable open reel tape recorder. The first Wall is crafted from amplifying and distorting the vibrations generated from grinding two flint nodules together. The second is a sparser and more exploratory piece, focusing on the texture of the flint cortex with minimal distortion used.

Front cover artwork is printed in red, whilst the inside cover is printed in black onto light blue paper. Each loop is packaged in a black backed library cassette case. Upon purchase you can also be sent via WeTransfer two 19 minute recordings from my own loop being played back.


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The Haters “Move Over Lenin (Car Crash Mix)” b/card CDr

QCS_123 The Haters “Move Over Lenin (Car Crash Mix)” b/card CDr (edition of 43)

The Haters crash back onto QCS with a honed in slab of entropic and mangled noise – abrasive yet utterly compelling.

Artwork is presented on 4.75″ x 4.75″ folded pearlescent platinum coloured card, front and back cover is printed in black ink whilst the inside cover is printed in blue ink. Each stickered business card CDr is mounted on the inside cover with a black CD foam dot.


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Michael Ridge “”Dreams In Vintage Hairy Latex” 8″ s/sided latex anti-record & b/card CDr

QCS_121 Michael Ridge “Dreams In Vintage Hairy Latex” 8″ s/sided latex anti-record 78 RPM & b/card CDr (edition of 8)

A tenderly crafted latex anti-record containing bodily fluids and generous amounts of pubic hair trapped just under the playing surface. This surely is the true sound of love. A b/card CDr accompanies each copy that documents several attempts at playback.

Each anti-record is protected in a custom made card and paper sleeve (every copy has unique art work). All copies have a different centre label sourced from recycled vintage paper record sleeves. A B&W paper insert printed onto yellow paper also accompanies each copy.

**Please be aware: this is a highly experimental record that could damage your equipment if played!**


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Gregory/McGrory “Gateway To Conclusion” b/card CDr

QCS_119 Gregory/McGrory “Gateway To Conclusion” b/card CDr (edition of 22)

Just over three minutes of frenzied grind/noise/experimental weirdness from this Aylesbury duo!

Each CDr is housed in either a brown or blue envelope (60mm x 89mm), colour art work is mounted onto the front with a rubber-stamped sticker on the back flap. Each copy includes a folded paper insert.


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Zebra Mu “Anti-Flex 2” Anti-Record & CDr

QCS_118 Zebra Mu “Anti Flex 2” s/sided flexi-disc anti-record 33 ⅓ RPM and CDr (edition of 7)

Follow up to the first Anti-Flex released in 2010! Relatively playable with plenty of surface noise (as you would expect) and slithers of the original contents seeping through. For added fun I recommend utilising the additional holes on the playing surface…..

Portions of the playing surface is sanded down, spray painted (gold, green and red) and hole-punched, each copy is unique. Every flexi features a colour centre label and includes a paper insert printed in magenta ink onto pink paper, these are housed in a stickered black card sleeve. An accompanying CDr documents various attempts at playing each one, this is housed in a folded colour paper sleeve.


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Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #4” Recycled s/sided CS

QCS_115 Michael Ridge “Misc Loops #4” recycled s/sided CS (edition of 15)
The fourth installment in the Misc Loops series: 25 minutes of hazy lo-fi ambient music loops interspersed with cryptic spoken word loops. Your true love will evaporate.

Recycled black audiobook cassettes feature a colour label mounted onto one side of the shell. Colour artwork is printed onto folded white card and packaged in a clear zip lock bag, an additional paper insert is also included.


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