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QCS Loves The NHS – Charity Compilation

QCS_139 Various Artists “QCS Loves The NHS” File/Download

QCS LOVES THE NHS: A Quagga Curious Sounds DIY music charity compilation for our wonderful National Health Service! 57 tracks showcasing some of the best underground/DIY/outsider music and art, some label regulars and a few new faces too! It costs only £1.00 but please consider donating more if you can.

All money raised will be donated to NHS Charities supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients: www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk#how

When the pandemic is over (hopefully soon) I will continue to donate any sales to NHS charities.

A massive heartfelt thank you to all contributing artists.

14/05/2020: £52.11 has been raised!
19/05/2020: £23.52 has been raised!


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SDC “SDC000” CDr

QCS_136 SDC “SDC000” CDr (edition of 24)

I’m excited to present the first full length album from UK-based artist SDC! Over seven tracks listeners are treated to an eclectic and greatly crafted mix of Noise, HNW, Drone, Downtempo and Ambient.

Rubber-stamped CDr is packaged in a brown recycled card sleeve. Art work is mounted onto one side of the sleeve and printed in either blue, green, magenta or yellow ink onto light blue paper. Each copy includes a folded paper insert printed in red and blue ink onto light peach paper.

£4.40 (UK)
£6.65 (Europe)
£7.40 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk
Prices in GBP

Check out a couple of the tracks here!>>>>

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Two New Releases Out Now!

QCS_130 Zebra Mu “Aimless Distortion” C9 (edition of 15)

New Zebra Mu hitting you with frenzied harsh noise and distressed electronics!

Each cassette is packaged in a black back library case that feature black and green printed labels. Front cover artwork is printed in black ink, whilst the inside cover artwork is printed in red ink onto light peach paper.



QCS-003Z Various Artists “FYI: DIY Label Sampler & Art Zine” CDr (edition of 30)

Created for the Norwich Millennium Library Zine Fair on 23 November 2019!

Each copy includes an eight page mini art zine showcasing a few favourite front cover artworks designed over the years, printed in either magenta or red ink onto light blue paper. The labelled CDr comprises of selected tracks from past releases, features material from: Mutant Ape, Utnapishtim & Bruital Orgasme, blackhumor, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Stuart Chalmers & Yol and Zebra Mu. An additional insert with the track list and information is printed in cyan ink onto light yellow paper.

£4.40 (UK)
£6.65 (Europe)
£7.40 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk
Prices in GBP

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Jeroen Diepenmaat & Michael Ridge “Environmental Sounds” b/card CDr

QCS_126 Jeroen Diepenmaat & Michael Ridge “Environmental Sounds” b/card CDr (edition of 20)
I’m delighted to present Environmental Sounds, the second artist and label collaboration between myself and Dutch artist Jeroen Diepenmaat. A four minute composition has been carefully composed around environmental and nature field recordings played back on scratched and modified CDr’s. The listener will encounter various glitches, skips, noise and silence mixed with our original recordings.

Each copy features unique art work/designs: information is printed onto five separate clear acetate sheets, the information will gradually wear/scratch off and degrade. A fragment of masking, brown and blue parcel tape is applied to three sheets of acetate. Hand drawn line work mimicking CD scratches is drawn onto each disc.


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Tristan Burfield & Zebra Mu “Community Noise Abatement Prevention Order” 3″CDr

QCS_125 Tristan Burfield & Zebra Mu “Community Noise Abatement Prevention Order” 3″CDr (edition of 26)

Live improvised collaboration between myself and long-time QCS friend Tristan Burfield, recorded directly to a Zoom H4n with no edits/treatments afterwards. Noise infused with the bubbling undercurrent of suburban fly-tipping normalcy paranoia. The Suburban Commando will show you the way…

Each copy features fold-out colour artwork, rubber-stamped CDr and ‘Norwich Noise Improvement District’ sticker to decorate yourself or surroundings with.


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The Haters “Move Over Lenin (Car Crash Mix)” b/card CDr

QCS_123 The Haters “Move Over Lenin (Car Crash Mix)” b/card CDr (edition of 43)

The Haters crash back onto QCS with a honed in slab of entropic and mangled noise – abrasive yet utterly compelling.

Artwork is presented on 4.75″ x 4.75″ folded pearlescent platinum coloured card, front and back cover is printed in black ink whilst the inside cover is printed in blue ink. Each stickered business card CDr is mounted on the inside cover with a black CD foam dot.

£4.20 (UK)
£6.45 (Europe)
£7.20 (Worldwide)
PayPal/contact: mike-ridge[AT]hotmail.co.uk

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Culver “Metal Hanging Bird” C45

QCS_122 Culver “Metal Hanging Bird” C45 (edition of 26)

Lee Stokoe makes a very welcome return to QCS, this time delivering two immense heavy drone works as the mighty Culver!

Colour artwork is printed onto white paper and packaged in a black backed library case. Each copy features distinctive 1970’s bi-colour red and blue cassette with labels printed in black, red and blue ink.


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Zebra Mu “Vox X CS” 3.5″ Floppy Disk

QCS_116 Zebra Mu “Vox X CS” 3.5″ Floppy Disk (edition of 10)

Stripped back experimental Noise jam sourced from just my voice and microcassette recorder: minimal equipment and low fidelity at it’s finest!

Artwork is printed in either cyan or red ink onto orange, purple, blue or pink sugar paper. Black floppy disks feature a rubber-stamped and printed label.


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Vampyres “Moonphase” C46

QCS_108 Vampyres “Moonphase” C46 (edition of 35)
Ominous and atmospheric noise/drone mixed with subtle analogue electronics from Lee Stokoe and Martyn Reid. Creeps you out, but in a good way.

Art work is printed in fetching blue ink onto red paper, dark blue cases with black cassettes featuring stark B&W labels.


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GX Jupitter-Larsen / Zebra Mu “Split” 1″ Lathe Cut Pre-Order

AT LAST!!! It has taken over a year of planning but FINALLY I’m now accepting pre-orders for GX Jupitter-Larsen / Zebra Mu “Split” 1″ lathe cut record!!

This is the smallest lathe cut QCS will ever release, possibly one of the smallest in the world too. 110 will be made, ironically it is the most copies I’ve ever put out as well. This dinky split will feature an exclusive (and very short) track from GX and myself. Expect a spoken word piece from GX and experimental noise/drone type composition from yours truly. Each 1” will be nestled in fold-out artwork and other packaging delights….

Pre-orders are now closed.

Estimated time of release upon writing this post is about 6-7 weeks, they will be dispatched to you on the day of release.

**PLEASE BE AWARE** This is (obviously) a handmade and extremely experimental lathe cut record (33⅓ RPM), monstrously lo-fi and stupidly challenging to play…. HELL YES!!

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