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Jeroen Diepenmaat & Michael Ridge “Environmental Sounds” b/card CDr

QCS_126 Jeroen Diepenmaat & Michael Ridge “Environmental Sounds” b/card CDr (edition of 20)
I’m delighted to present Environmental Sounds, the second artist and label collaboration between myself and Dutch artist Jeroen Diepenmaat. A four minute composition has been carefully composed around environmental and nature field recordings played back on scratched and modified CDr’s. The listener will encounter various glitches, skips, noise and silence mixed with our original recordings.

Each copy features unique art work/designs: information is printed onto five separate clear acetate sheets, the information will gradually wear/scratch off and degrade. A fragment of masking, brown and blue parcel tape is applied to three sheets of acetate. Hand drawn line work mimicking CD scratches is drawn onto each disc.


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Zebra Mu ‘Perennial Indifference’ C11 + Zine Out NOW!

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QCS_094-Zebra Mu, Perennial Indifference, C11 + 8-page mini art zine, edition of 15

A brand new Zebra Mu cassette single and 8-page mini collage art zine created in anticipation for the upcoming Norwich Arts Centre Zine Fair on the 13th August!

Two distinctly contrasting tracks were crafted; Side A is a slab of overdriven lo-fi drone noise whilst Side B features an assortment of junk metal tape loops, scratchy noise and bleeps. The eight-page mini B&W collage art zine (printed onto red paper) serves as an abstract visual interpretation of both audio tracks.
Each cassette also includes decorative B&W printed labels with additional red rubber-stamped detail. A narrow blue paper band holds the tape and zine together and features B&W art work and additional information.


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