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Robert Ridley-Shackleton “Sgt. Poorley” C15 Out NOW!



QCS_095 Robert Ridley-Shackleton “Sgt. Poorley” C15 (edition of 16)
Experimental and noisy lo-fi wonderments from RRS… a refreshing stroll through the derelict house of your dreams.
Every copy features abstract and dense colour artwork (each one is unique) with colour labels mounted onto light grey cassettes. Also included is a colour insert/information leaflet inspired by the awesome collages and art of RRS.


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Zebra Mu ‘Spear / Streak’ CDr OUT NOW!

QCS_092-Zebra Mu, Spear / Streak, CDr, edition of 14
Five exclusive new tracks of lively pedal focused Harsh Noise. Broken electronics and contact microphone worship, shunning computers for straight to cassette recording hell. Reliving the early 90’s.
Intentionally rough b/w artwork is printed onto yellow paper and packaged in a half-size clear DVD case. Each copy includes a rubber-stamped and stickered CDr with a defaced 1970’s wedding photo and Sunday school plan or personal letter from the 1940’s.


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Stuart Chalmers / Yol ‘Junk Seance’ CDr Out NOW!



QCS_090-Stuart Chalmers / Yol, Junk Seance CDr, edition of 30
Brilliant, energetic and utterly genius collaboration from these two UK artists… Stuart does some magic tape trickery/electronics and Yol the vocals/noise. I love the so much… check out the SoundCloud excerpt below…
A rubber-stamped and stickered brown A5 envelope features two colour artworks mounted onto both sides. Inside each envelope is a b/w insert printed onto light gray paper and rubber-stamped/stickered CDr packaged in a white paper sleeve.


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